Duos Show club Yerevan Armenia

Duos Show club Yerevan Armenia

Duos Show club Yerevan Armenia

Duos Show club Yerevan Armenia for information –


Duos Show club

9 Nalbandyan Street

for information –


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  1. I have visited this club more than 10 times over the past two years and the only reason for my frequent visit was the incredibly short distance it had to my place.
    It is located in a south-west corner of sakharov square with a big sign that no one can miss. Although the Nalbandyan street is always crowded this part is nearly completely empty. The club is small and after renovation and repairs in 2015 it became even smaller. There are two poles on the stage and generally 5 to 6 dancers out of whom 4 are regulars for every night and two change periodically.
    The four regulars at the time of my visit(August 2016) included a middle aged woman with large belly who could hardly keep her balance on high heels much less to pull any pole dancing stunts and every once in a while would remove part of her panties to show her hairy vulva!, two younger girls with no English knowledge but acceptable body, one of whom would under no circumstance go topless and the other would remove her tops only for tips, and a skinny girl (but almost good looking) who spoke a little English.
    As it is regular in all Armenian night clubs the dancers expect the customer to tip them and each tip coupon costs 500AMD with minimum order of 5000AMD.
    The biggest problem is language barrier as almost none of the staff members can speak a word of English and unless you know some basic Armenian or Russian you might have serious problem(however their menu has English section). The cost for inviting the dancer to your table(called consummation with the dancer in Armenia) is 5000AMD for 10 min which would probably have some expensive drink and cigar order by dancer. There are two different lap dances(called private in Armenia)
    1-only topless 10000AMD
    2-fully nude 20000AMD
    After renovation the club has only one room for lap dance so if it is full you have to wait for your turn. The room also has no door and a curtain is hanging. I have ordered more than 30 lap dances with various girls in the club and most of them did not benefit me in any way. First and foremost, dancer would not sit on my lap and instead kind of jumped around the room pretending to dance, secondly upon entering the room she would demand a large cocktail which costs at least 5000AMD. Hence I would suggest all the customers to finalize what kind of lap dance they expect from the girl and specially mention “no drinks in Private” to the waitress if you don’t want to be charged extra.
    Overall if you are lonely and do not have the mood to walk some distance this is the best you could get.

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