Frequently asked questions


What is the night club in Italy or in Switzerland?

the night club in Italy or in Switzerland is a small club with live music where the hostess speak and drink with customers.


what to do in the club the hostess? what is the job?

in the club hostess must talk to customers and make drinks. hostesses dressed elegant and not vulgar.


is a legal job?

it is a legal job. there are no problems with the police.


what is the minimum time job?

the minimum time working in clubs is one month


what is the maximum working time in the club?

there is no maximum time depends only on you and how much you want to work.


what are the hours of the club and how you work?

clubs are open six days a week, with one day of rest. must be in the club to 22.30 and ends at 5 am


what kind of girls you are looking for this job?

our agency seeking girls aged 18 to 35 years old, good-looking girls, funny, fun, and they want to talk and get to know people.


you need to learn Italian?

you do not need to speak Italian, it is important to speak English. the Italian as you can learn while you work.


I can work with a tourist visa or work visa for another country?

you can work with a tourist visa. you can work with work visa of another nation, it is important that the visa of a country of the European community.


 What can I earn?

your salary is composed of a fixed plus drinks. more drinks and make the higher your salary.


if I work in the club where I sleep?

every club has apartments for girls. you sleep in the apartments of the clubs located in the city center.


how many girls are sleeping in the apartments of the club?

in each apartment there are a maximum of 3 girls.


I have to pay for the apartment where to stay?

no. not have to pay anything. the club pay apartment.


how your agency can help me for the job?

Our agency helps you to find the best local where you work. check that the work goes well and that the club pays the salaries correctly. if you have problems with the club or not the work our agency you can move to another club. Our agency helps with the language, we come to pick you up at the airport and if you have problems our buy airline tickets.