Hostess Jobs for girls abroad – Paying jobs for women abroad

Hostess Jobs for girls abroad

Hostess Jobs for girls abroad

Hostess Jobs for girls abroad

Are you a beautiful girl who wants to work abroad as a hostess?

Do you want to travel the world and in the meantime earn money working as a hostess?

We’re looking for beautiful, likeable girls with sunny dispositions who want to work as hostesses and promotional girls at fairs, events, clubs, discos.

We have many clients and companies around the world who require pretty girls to employ as hostesses and promotional girls for their companies, clubs or events.

If you think you are suited to this job then please send us your details by filling out the questionnaire found on this site.

Make sure that you fill out the form found on this site and please be as sincere as possible when answering. Also, attach your photos, it doesn’t matter if they are professional or amateur. The important thing is that you’re pretty and that we can see your face and physique.

The prerequisites needed to work as a hostess around the world are to be aged between 18 and 35, to be more than 1.65 cm tall without heels and to speak at least one foreign language.

You must possess a valid passport.

The companies or clubs will arrange a working visa for you depending on the country that you want to work in.

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