Work hostess, ballerinas lap dance, girls show.

Hostess Jobs for girls abroad

Work hostess, ballerinas lap dance, girls show.

Work hostess, ballerinas lap dance, girls show.

Night and Strip club job Agency organize the program only with the best italian sexy disco, we promise you pay with fixed accommodation for girls and drivers on the road, with photos and detailed description of the clubs logistical situations, we assure you a perfect organization of all Italy, and we do guarantors in the event of not honoring agreements made, require serious, good-looking, willingness to travel depending on where you are working, we only want the best for you!

Work hostess, ballerinas lap dance, girls show.

We work in night clubs as appearing room, lap dance, girls from the show to be included in the best nightclubs Italian, and guarantee a fixed daily wage drivers with accommodation and free! in some cases employment contract Empals, look for girls from 18 to 35 years, require serious proffesional and good looking documents in order, with regard to appearing room guarantee a fixed daily from 50 to 80 euros more in some cases any percentages on consumption, the drive can vary the beauty and professionalism of girl dancers for guaranteed fixed 70 euros in some cases even 80.

Special offers always depends on the girl, for girls to show 120 euros when we do the show and 70-80 euros when they do not, but the basic form 4-5 shows a week.

Please send your photos a close second and a full picture normal but artistic with all your info and preferences among such age-nationality-a possible willingness to travel and time spent at work, we collaborate with all the best nightclubs Italians  there many aspects guaranteeing maximum availability and focus on girls who choose our agency, thank you.

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